Everyone polutes Internet with their data (also known as blogs, tweets, social posts, etc.). So I decided to publish some random stuff too, so the search engines will have more parsing to do and will need more storage.

I am a software developer working at the moment for Microsoft in the Corporate R&D, on Computer Vision projects. Before that, I worked on online search, cloud services, Windows, data mining stuff, navigation and control systems.


2 responses to About

    jacques lambert June 15, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Hello information i saw your video on facial expression and I wonder if this product is available because I think it would be useful for my brother who can not move or arm and leg but do some exprexion facial I will take these facial expression to move his mouse and made the mouse click or if possible use arduino with wifi to execute the function
    thank you Jacques


      Hello, the face tracking code was shipped as Face Tracking SDK for Kinect for Windows. You can search it online and download it. You need a Kinect camera though for it to run. Then you can use computed parameters to drive your UI.


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