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    Microsoft just demoed a very cool game Kinectimals at E3 that uses Kinect – computer vision and natural UI system (formerly known as “Natal”). The game is for kids, but I think adults will enjoy it as well. See this video:

    Looks pretty awesome to me. But oddly enough, some online comments in some articles called it “creepy” or “scary” or people could not believe that Kinect/Natal actually works. Well, I know how to adress the last concern and Kinect does work. But, I wonder why some people think of virtual pets with AI and Kinect type interaction as “scary” or “creepy”… I am working on one project that might get similar response and I wonder if people are really that scared of AI and virtual worlds? May be older folks are scared, but kids are not? To me, it looks very exciting and awesome, but I am an engineer. We’ll see in November 2010 if Kinect becomes a hit. It probably will be a killer platform with killer games and it is very bad news for Sony and Nintendo, because it will be very very hard to replicate anything like this.